The ever changing style of snap frames

Snap frames have become a staple part of many business and stores for easy change point-of-sale material. High quality frames, with the ability for easy change poster display.

Now snap frames have become part and parcel of many stores, new and existing variations of the standard snap frame are now coming to the market. Such different styles as the units in black, or with interlocking corners to stop people stealing posters.

A new idea is to have tamperproof snap frames which uses a special tool to open the frames up. A normal frame has a ridge on the extrusion to open up with ease, however these have no ridge, so you can’t get your finger to open them. Only using a special opening tool can you release the frame to allow your poster or display to go into the unit.

Other advances in snap frames include waterproof snap frames. A normal frame isn’t 100% waterproof due to not creating a full seal around the poster. However these new units have a watertight seal around the extrusion to prevent water getting in.

All RAL and pantone colours are available for snap frames as is any bespoke size frame. Many businesses are taking advantage of this by producing units in their size and more importantly, their own branded colour schemes.

Another new production our the high quality gold and chrome finish frames. These are finished in a high gloss ‘chrome effect’, which makes the frames perfect for the catering and restaurant trade.

All snap frames come with PVC covers, which are in an anti-glare finish to ensure the poster is clearly seen without sunlight shining off the PVC.

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