LED Lightboxes – the future of lighting displays

LED lightboxes are now beginning to become the ‘norm’ in lightbox and lighting displays in retail. Many LED lightboxes are now being supplied into the UK market.

These long-lasting, energy efficient lightboxes are perfect for the modern display, replacing bulb, and tube lighting for the display of point-of-sale.

The edge light poster frames offer fantastic illumination and a slim frame profile. LED light boxes are just 22mm deep. Because these light boxes are low voltage the power consumption is a fraction of traditional fluorescent tube powered light boxes. This is the environmental friendly light box which will save you money on running costs, as opposed to the previous designs.

The use of LED lightboxes are good for your company’s green credentials, using far less power, yet giving a better illumination. With a better illumination comes clearer promotions – and with that comes better sales.

As well as the low running costs, they are super slim. They have an energy saving LED illumination technology, plus have a snap open frame for easy graphic change. To show your displays off well, they have high illumination and even light distribution, with a 1mm protective poster cover. They are finished in silver anodised aluminium frame, but can be custom-coloured to suit each retailer.

When looking at your next retail display, consider LED lightboxes. Even though the techology is new, this will be the future of retail illuminated display, and in the long run, you will be saving yourself replacement bulb costs, and a large amount on electricity.

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